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        Rooting on the culture cooperation of "Harmony,Share and Innovation ",Zhejiang Bangli Medical Products Co.,Ltd has paid much attention to the talents and product innovation ,Aspiring of the spirit of serving the society,We will do every endeavor to the quality and service for our every customer at all the time.

        Enterprise mission:

        Create the greatest value for customers and share good quality life.

        For employees to build the most extensive platform, to play in order to create the future.


        Corporate vision:

        Become the most influential and powerful enterprise in the industry.

        Online marketing and offline transactions.

        Let customers choose easier, more convenient and more tasty.


        Core values:

        Gratitude, honesty, quality, service and word of mouth.

        ABOUT US
        About Us
        > Medical Consumables&Wound Care
        > Personal Health Care
        > Sports Protection
        > Fashion&Beauty
        News information
        CONTACT US
          No.118, Yuegui South Road, City West New District, Yongkang



        Guoli Zheng
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