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        About Us

        Zhejiang Bangli Medical Products Co., Ltd (registered fund $1.3million,annual sales amount reach $20million and keep growing 40% every year) was established in 2003, as a foreign market-oriented manufacturer of first-aid bandages, cohesive bandage,surgical plasters, cooling gel sheets, nasal strips, first-aid kits, dressing paste and other related medical device products.


        At present, Zhejiang Bangli Medical Products Co., Ltd has capacity of producing 4,000,000 PCS of plasters, 200,000rolls of cohesive bandage,200,000rolls of surgical plasters, 200,000 patches of cooling gel patches, 200,000pcs of nasal strips,300,000pcs of wound dressings per day, and our production capability is enlarging step by step. We have exported to European and American Countries and regions such as the USA ,UK, Germany, Swiss, Italy and we also have enlarged to the Middle East,South East Asia,South Africa and other countries and regions. We welcome all the customers in every corner of the world.


        Zhejiang Bangli Medical Products Co., Ltd was certified to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485.CE and FDA certificates for our products. To ensure quality, we have built our own lab, sterilization workshop and one hundred thousand clean room workshops. Rooting on the culture cooperation of "Harmony, Share and Innovation ".


        Zhejiang Bangli Medical Products Co.,Ltd has paid much attention to the talents and product innovation, Aspiring of the spirit of serving the society, We will do every endeavor to the quality and service for our every customer at all the time.


        ABOUT US
        About Us
        > Medical Consumables&Wound Care
        > Personal Health Care
        > Sports Protection
        > Fashion&Beauty
        News information
        CONTACT US
          No.118, Yuegui South Road, City West New District, Yongkang



        Guoli Zheng
        Copyright @ Zhejiang Bangli Medical Products Co., Ltd      ADD: No.118, Yuegui South Road, City West New District, Yongkang, Zhejiang           Design:www.kckj.cc       Admin
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